About Us


Rick Bender | Senior Benefits Advisor

Garden State Insurance Partners are dedicated insurance professionals with a strong desire and passion to help individuals with their insurance needs. We provide families and individuals with solutions for their life insurance needs (Whole Life, Final Expense, Term Life), Medicare supplement, and Medicare advantage options.

Garden State Insurance Partners work as Independent Insurance Brokers and represent over 250 programs from over 50 nationally known insurance companies. Being an “Insurance Broker” and being able to represent so many insurance companies allow us not to be biased toward any one insurance company as an “Insurance Agent” would be. We recommend the product and insurance carrier that best suits the client's needs as we are not limited to one company's products. Also, each company is uniquely different on what they accept as a medical risk so we have the ability to get you qualified with an insurance carrier, even if you have been turned down before. We will also have the ability to shop your unique situation and compare the rates of many companies to get you the lowest possible premium.

Bottom line is we get you qualified and we will get you qualified for less!